The Tortoise

The long way is the shortcut – Seth Godin

Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life. – Jerzy Gregorek

There’s a sentiment echoed through quotes (like the ones above), parables, and cautionary tales. The message isn’t flashy. It’s not particularly fun or exciting.

The tortoise wins.

It goes against the cultural narrative. The get rich, get thin, get 1 million followers, while you sleep narrative.

It requires work, faith, and resilience. We hear it over and over again. Why is it so hard to believe? Maybe because hard work and patience aren’t sexy.

Neither is vaseline but it works.

What to do When Your Day Starts Sideways

I don’t know what to write. I’ve spent most of the day flailing around, exhausted. Sometimes on days like today I get terrible sleep.

Normal people… well what do normal people do in this situation. I usually drink twice as much coffee. Then try to take a nap. Followed by sitting in front of the computer like a zombie muttering profanities.

Once that gets boring I move on to worrying. I won’t get what I need to done. I’m a failure, etc. and so on.

Lately I’ve noticed there’s a better option. It’s painful but it involves gently reminding myself to be present. If I can hold the attention for long enough the downward spiral stops. In that moment I can ask: what one thing can I do that will make today ok?

Kintsugi of the Soul

Kintsugi is a Japanese practice of repairing broken china with golden epoxy.It celebrates, even elevates the imperfect.

What if we could Kintsugi our broken bits? What if instead of wishing we were perfect we could celebrate our many imperfect fragments?

Who would we be then?